Collection: Past and Digital Letters

Subscription FAQs

I want my child's name on the envelope instead of mine. How do I do this?

Kids love receiving their own mail! Simply use their name as the shipping name in the shipping address during checkout.

How do I purchase a subscription as a gift for someone?

To purchase a non-renewing subscription, you can choose any of the 6-month or yearly subscriptions labeled "gift". These do not automatically renew at the end of the term. You can find these under the Subscribe drop down menu and then click on Gift Subscription.

Simply use the recipient's name and address in the shipping field.

What about emails related to the subscription?

There are a few options when purchasing a gift subscription:

  • You can simply use their email address when ordering.  However, be advised that this means they will also receive any and all subscription update emails including receipts and shipment details.
  • You can use your own email address during checkout so you can receive an order confirmation receipt.  After ordering, you can email us at to have the email updated to the recipient's email address so they can receive shipment details.
  • ACTIVITY SHEETS: The recipient needs to subscribe to our email newsletter on the website to make sure they receive the activity sheets and any announcements such as which animal will be featured.

When will I receive my letter?

Letters start mailing out in batches mid-late month. If you have signed up after the 15th, letters will be mailed out 2-5 business days after subscribing. Please give the postal service 2 weeks to deliver within the U.S. after you receive a shipping confirmation email. If you live outside of the U.S., this may take a little bit longer.

When am I charged each month?

After your initial charge, you will be charged on the 5th of the month. If you subscribe any time after the 5th of the month, your next charge date will be the 5th of that following month to ensure you do not miss a month. For example, if you subscribed July 3rd, your first charge is the day you subscribe and your next charge date will be August 5th.  If you subscribe July 27th, your first charge is the day you subscribe and your next charge date will still be August 5th.  *Please note that if your first order was placed later in the month, you may not receive it until after your second charge on the 5th of the following month due to allowing the USPS two weeks to deliver.

How long does shipping take?

Due to the nature of snail mail, please give the USPS up to two weeks from the date of your shipping confirmation email to deliver your letter, and an extra week during holidays. If you live outside of the U.S., please allow at least three weeks. Shipping to Australia seems to take the longest and can take at least 4+ weeks to deliver.

Is tracking available?

We ship all letters simply using a first-class postage stamp, so tracking is not available. This keeps the shipping cost down.

What if I need to cancel?

Canceling your subscription is easy and you can do so at any time! If you create an account when you order, you can manage your subscription from there. If you do not create an account, simply contact us and we will cancel for you.

Can I change my address?

Absolutely! You must send us an email with your order number and the new address, and we will get that taken care of for you.

If you did not yet receive a shipping notification at the time you have emailed us, please be advised that when you do, that email may not reflect the updated address until the following month's shipping notification email. 

How do I get activity sheets?

Make sure you sign up for our email newsletter! Activity sheets are now emailed each month, so make sure you are signed up and accepting email marketing.

If you purchased a past letter, those activity sheets can be found on the website under the Past Letters Tab and then click on Past Activity Sheets. You can find the passcode for that page in your order confirmation email.

What is your refund policy?

Typically, we do not provide refunds. However, there are instances where we will provide a refund at our discretion.

If your letter has arrived damaged, please send an email to with "Damaged Letter" in the subject line and a photo of the damage. We will either send a replacement letter or provide a refund for that letter.

If enough time has passed for delivery and you are afraid your letter has been lost in the mail, please send an email to with the subject line "Missing Letter" and your order details. We will either send a replacement letter or provide a refund for that letter. You must notify us through email within 30 days of the shipping date in order to receive a replacement or refund.

Due to the nature of the items, we do not provide refunds after your letter has arrived if you decide it is just not a good fit for your family. If you are unsure if these letters will be a good fit for your child, you can subscribe to a basic monthly subscription for only $7 USD, or a premium monthly sub for $10 USD, to try it out. You can cancel at any time! **You are responsible for making sure to cancel any subscription you need before it renews. Once it renews, we cannot cancel the order or provide a refund.

Please note that refunds are not provided for canceled subscriptions. It is your responsibility to cancel your subscription before it renews. We do send an email a few days before renewal to remind you of your upcoming charge.

My question isn't answered here

Please see our FAQ page for more information. If you still do not see an answer to your question, please contact us using the contact form.