Hello! I'm Nicole - the face behind this creation! I'm a homeschooling mom to three young boys. This adventure came from my combined passion as an artist and my passion for homeschooling my kids. It's no secret that pairing beautiful illustrations with cool animal facts helps engage them. And these letters do just that!  Not to mention the excitement children have when they get their very own letters in the mail! I love that I can use my talent in a way to keep learning fun.  My kids absolutely love using these letters to learn all about various animals, and I hope yours will too!

All of the artwork is created using traditional paint and brushes as well as polychromos color pencils!  The letter text is all handwritten as well.  Copies of the letter and card are printed and mailed out for your enjoyment. 

In addition to the letters, I create an activity sheet for each month's animal.  These will vary from coloring sheets, crack the code, word search, how to draw the animal, etc.  These are uploaded onto the website as subscriber-only downloads so parents can print as many copies as they need.