About – Writings from the Wild


Hello! I'm Nicole - the face behind this creation! I'm a homeschooling mom to three young boys ages 8-13. I have a wonderful spouse and he works away from home for a couple of weeks at a time. Things stay pretty busy here and you can almost always find me delighting in a cup of coffee in one of my many favorite mugs.

 Before starting WFTW, I worked a regular job and decided to take a leap and quit to pursue a dream career in art. I took on drawing portraits full time... until WFTW was formed! This creation came from my combined passion as an artist and my passion for homeschooling my kids. I wanted to use my talent to enhance the learning experience of children and introduce them to the wonderful wildlife in our world. I didn't find anything else like this that taught about animals in this way, and I knew I wanted to create an experience that would help kids learn and foster a love for art. Not to mention the excitement children have when they get their very own letters in the mail! My kids absolutely love using these letters to learn all about various animals, and I hope yours will too!

(This is our crazy puppy, Kita!)
I have a bachelor's degree in visual arts and my concentration was in Graphic Design; however, I've found that my favorite tools to create are traditional pencils and paintbrushes.

The Process

I spend a lot of time researching about each animal and their habitat.  I also gather some neat facts about each location the letter is from. After gathering my research and thoughts, I plan out the story of each letter and begin writing. The text is all handwritten using pen and paper.

All of the artwork is created using watercolor paint as well as polychromos color pencils. Since everything is created by hand using traditional pencil and paper, the process can sometimes take a little while from start to finish. Copies of the letter and other items are then printed on high quality paper.  I am a one-woman team, so I fold every letter and stuff and stamp every envelope myself!

I hope your child enjoys learning with their letters as much as I enjoy creating them!