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Each month you will meet a new animal and they will write you all about themselves.  You will learn about all different types of animals living in different habitats from ocean, to savanna, to jungle, to mountain.

When you subscribe, you will receive a handcrafted letter printed on a quality matte paper and a collector's card in the mail every month via USPS.  You will also receive access to a downloadable activity sheet. 

Each letter is a copy of the original hand-written and hand-illustrated piece to enhance the reader's experience and learning.  Even the activity sheets are hand-drawn pieces designed specifically for each month.  These will vary from coloring sheets, crack the code, word search, how to draw the animal, etc.  

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These letters are great for unit studies!

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“These letters are great for adding some animal education to your homeschool.”— Jessica, The Waldock Way

“Our first GORGEOUS @writingsfromthewild letter arrived today! Thank you! The kids loved it and it’s now hanging in our classroom. What a fun way to encourage their interests in a variety of topics! After reading, they immediately did the math to determine that an octopus has a total of 1,920 suctions.”— hopefulthreads IG

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